Clinique Santé & Physique specializes in
Concussions, Lymphatic Drainage and Physical Rehab

At Clinique Santé & Physique, we dedicate ourselves to going above and beyond for each of our clients. We work tirelessly to create the best rehabilitative programs by personalizing them and adapting them to the individual needs.

We are able to help our clients with an array of different manual therapy techniques including cranial therapy, fascial therapy, sports massage, therapeutic massage, lymphatic drainage massage, pregnancy massage and baby massage.

The use of exercises and stretches is also an integral part of the rehabilitation process at Clinique Santé & Physique.

Clients who have suffered a concussion will benefit from an advanced rehabilitative program bringing together various therapies in order to ensure a return to work, school and sports.

Imagine your life TRANSFORMED from our rehabilitation treatment.

Your Body Symptoms

Are you suffering from various symptoms and disorders such as headaches, migraines, shoulder pain, concussions, lower back pain, leg stiffness, digestive sluggishness, chronic swelling and more?
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Sante & Physique Education

Articles on Sports Massage & Physical Rehab, Lymphathic Drainage, and Concussions.


  • With her advanced, specialized training, Miriam knows how to treat a variety of aches and pains. She is friendly, professional, and interested in getting to know her clients well so she can provide the relief they require. Don't let your muscles groan any longer; book an appointment with Miriam today!
    David Schipper
    Strategic Learning Centre
  • Miriam Gaudelli is the best, not to mention she's super friendly! She knows what she's doing and always fixes my aches and pains and has you leaving there feeling like a brand new person. Definitively recommend her to everyone!
    Daniella Rebelo Soares
  • I've suffered from lower back pain over the years to the point where I couldn't even bend down. With regular visits with Miriam and her great massaging techniques, I no longer have back pains! Thank you Miriam for helping me!!!
    Rosemarie D’Iorio
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Imagine your life
from our treatment.



At Clinique Santé & Physique, we look at all aspects of a concussion, how it affects the person, and build a personalized rehabilitation program.

Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Drainage is a gentle technique that stretches and torques the skin in precise movements to stimulate the lymph flow.

Physical Rehab

The physical rehabilitation team will use different forms of manual therapy and exercises to strengthen the body and promote a proper healing.


We conduct a thorough health interview, inquiring about past and present illness and injury, surgeries, medications, activity levels and expectations.