Athletic Therapy

Certified Athletic Therapist

As an Athletic therapist we treat a wide range of patients, from kids with concussions to seniors recovering from hip replacement surgery. As an integral part of the rehabilitation team, the athletic therapist will create a treatment plan that includes manual therapy, mobilizations, stretches and exercises for a successful active rehabilitation.

Aches and pains in the body can occur due to a variety of reasons such as an acute injury, chronic injuries, bad posture and compensations from other injuries. The athletic therapist will conduct a thorough evaluation to determine the injury, what caused it, what it affects and the best treatment plan.

The treatment varies but the objective doesn’t: an Athletic Therapist's goal is to help clients return to their usual activities, whether that means playing competitive sports or walking to the mailbox and back.

Why Choose Athletic Therapy

  • Specialize in orthopedic injuries (Sport, Gym, False movement, Back pain, etc)
  • Muscles, Bones, Ligaments, Joints, Spine
  • Assessment & Rehabilitation
  • Specific to Sport / Activity
  • Movement based Rehabilitation
  • Combination of Manual Therapy and Exercise
  • Constant evaluation of progress

Sante & Physique Specializes in Athletic Therapy


60 MIN. - $70.00 / 30 MIN. - $50.00

An athletic therapist studies the biomechanics of the body extensively, giving them a deep knowledge of the physical demands, sports, hobbies and exercise put on the body. Whether for prevention or for rehabilitation, athletic therapy treatments are essential to strengthen the body and promote a healthy range of motion to promote athletic performance or healing from injury.

an Athletic therapist is also an asset for any sports team as they are trained as sports first responders, and can act quickly and efficiently in an emergency situation. Their knowledge of the medical history of the athletes will help them to respond in case of a sporting accident/injury and will help to build a structured and successful rehabilitation protocol.



Very often when someone (mainly athletes) suffers a concussion, the medical professionals will do various cognitive and physical tests to evaluate the effects of the concussion on the person. However, without a baseline test, it is difficult to assess the true severity of the concussion. A baseline test will test cardio capability, memory, reflexes and eye movements, giving the rehabilitative team a set of “healthy” test results to compare to after injury.



Very often injuries are caused by imbalances in the body. An injury risk assessment will bring to light the structures that are weak or lack range of motion. The benefits of an injury risk assessment is:

  • Identification of weak/immobile areas of the body
  • Being proactive with injury prevention
  • Beginning a preventative program before an injury occurs



Our jobs, hobbies and postures in our day-to-day lives cause imbalances and weaknesses in various muscles and joints of the body. A preventative rehabilitation program will:

  • strengthen the body to prevent injury
  • strengthen the body to excel at a certain activity
  • strengthen the body for athletic excellence
  • increase range of motion of the body

A rehabilitative exercise program will:

  • strengthen the injured structures
  • promote a healthy range of motion
  • decrease compensations in and around the injured structures
  • allow the person to be stronger after injury

Athletic Therapy

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At our West-Island Clinique, we work as a team to ensure that all of the rehabilitative needs are met. We regularly monitor the progress and communicate with all medical professionals involved to ensure a successful rehabilitation.

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