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July 23, 2017
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Benefits from Pediatrics Massage for Babies and Children

Massage therapy for Children and Babies

Benefits from Pediatrics Massage for Babies and Children

The baby and child massage practiced in North America is a technique that has meshed many ancient techniques with basic Swedish massage. It has many benefits especially when done by a parent.

In our sedentary environments, baby massage helps to decrease any muscular compensations a child might have from being in a seated position too long.

Many parents are able to spend very little time with their child, the massage techniques help to create a strong bonding environment.

Some benefits for child massages are:

  • Massage helps to decrease feelings of stress. In our society, we rarely have time to relax, children are not an exception to that rule.
  • Massage also helps the parents who administer the treatment to relax and decrease their stress levels.
  • Massage helps to strengthen sleeping patterns, especially if done before bed.
  • Would you like to make massage part of your daily routine with your child? Contact us today

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