Children Sports Massage therapy for Kids Sports Injury
Children Sports Massage and it’s benefits
March 3, 2017
How do Scars Affect the Lymphatic System
How do Scars Affect the Lymphatic System?
June 26, 2017
Winter Injuries and Effects on the body

How Sports Massage and Lymphatic Drainage help Winter Injuries

Safety in Winter & Avoiding Injuries

In winter, the sidewalks and streets are slippery due to snow, ice rain, and snow melting and freezing into sheets of ice. The snow in itself makes it difficult to walk because the surface is uneven, and it hides any obstacles that might be in the way. Ice, especially on an uphill or downhill is just a recipe for disaster, making people easily lose balance. Now if there is ice under a fresh sheet of snow, then the conditions become exponentially worse for anyone walking in the streets.

When someone is walking on an uneven surface, the chances of them losing balance and/or falling increases exponentially. Injuries can be as minor as a first-degree ankle sprain and can be as serious as broken bones or a concussion due do hitting the head. Or worse yet, a combination of injuries.

When someone is shoveling snow; either trying to get to their car or into their house; they are susceptible to injuries. Many people don’t think to make sure to use good posture or proper movements when shoveling show. And, when it is very cold outside, many people don’t think to make sure they are properly warmed up before starting to shovel, which is a very physical activity. The constant bending over to lift snow and a forceful full body rotation to throw the snow to the side puts people at risk of causing lower back spasms, shoulder and arm pain due to the weight of the snow, and neck pain due to improper posture.

Winter sports such as skiing, skating, hockey and snowboarding require people to balance and move at high speeds on uneven and very slippery surfaces. When there are injuries in these sports, very often, they involve hits or crashes at high forces and high speeds. The injuries can be as simple as a bruise, or as bad as broken bones and torn ligaments.

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How can Sports Massage and Lymphatic Drainage Massage help?

When someone is injured, there will automatically be swelling in the area that was injured, sometimes the swelling is minor and can barely be noticed and other times, it will be very visible, even making the area look as if it is deformed. In minor injuries, the swelling should not be present for more than three days. For more severe injuries, if the major swelling persists for more than seven days, it is best to begin treatments for the swelling. In the long-term, the excessive swelling will impede proper healing of the injured area. Lymphatic drainage massage can successfully help to treat, manage and decrease the swelling in order to promote healing. Swelling can persist due to damaged lymphatic vessels or just natural sluggishness of the lymphatic system. Lymphatic drainage massage can help to boost the lymphatic system, and in the case of damaged lymphatic vessels, several sessions can help to create new lymphatic pathways.

With injuries, the body will automatically start to create compensations in order to protect the injured area. In the short-term, these compensations aren’t serious, but if they persist, they will cause a change in motor-patterns, meaning the injured person will change how they move around. While it is important to see a physiotherapist for the injuries, it is also advisable to see a sports massage therapist in order to promote better and more effective healing. The sports massage therapist will help to ensure that the muscles are supple and healthy, making the rehabilitation more effective. The sports massage therapist is able to analyze the body’s movement patterns in order to target the right muscles for effective treatment plans.

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