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September 4, 2017
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September 15, 2017
Helping Digestive Problems, IBS, with Lymphatic Drainage

Digestive System Helped with Lymphatic Drainage

Lymphatic Drainage for Digestion

We live in a day and age where information about Lymphatic Drainage for Digestion (accurate to incredibly inaccurate) is readily available to us. The unfortunate result of having all of this information at our fingertips is that we don’t always know which sources are the most trustworthy. There isn’t a subject more controversial than diet and digestion. In an effort to lose weight, have a healthier digestion and feel great, many people will turn to extreme diets, fad diets, and food deprivation. Having extreme diets and depriving oneself of certain foods can actually have severe side-effects as time goes on. The human body needs nutrients, vitamins, and minerals from many different sources and preferably from actual food.

The best person to speak to about diet and proper habits is definitely a nutritionist, also known as a dietician in Montreal, Quebec. But what happens when even after identifying certain culprit foods, diets or habits, the digestive tract is still not working? Can there be other treatment options?

The abdominal area in the human body is the most lymphatic vessel rich area of the body. All of the vessels from the lower limbs and reproductive organs converge and join all the digestive lymphatic vessels, meeting at the cisterna chyli. This is the largest lymphatic node in the body and has the added task of filtering and sorting many of the proteins and fats from our digestive process.

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Can Lymphatic drainage help you?

Lymphatic drainage can help patients heal after surgery by reducing swelling and detoxifying the body.
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What happens when the Lymphatic flow isn't optimal?

There are many side-effects of a sub-optimal lymphatic flow. The most prominent being constipation, followed by bloating, swelling and many other things.

Because of the large molecule size of long-haired fatty acids and proteins, the venous system is incapable of carrying these molecules, so it becomes the job of the lymphatic system to transport these molecules. Any blockage or sub-optimal flow in the lymphatic system will create problems in the digestion process.

Lymphatic Drainage for Digestion

How can these side-effects be treated?

When the issues arise from autoimmune illnesses, lymphatic drainage massage can definitely help manage some of the symptoms but not the actual illness itself as it is an inflammatory response. In this case, medication and dietary adjustments will be needed.

In the case of constipation and bloating, lymphatic drainage massage is an effective and proven treatment to help reduce symptoms and kick-start a healthy digestive process. Lymphatic drainage massage will help mobilize the proteins and fats that are stuck in the area, trapping fluids in the area. The lymphatic drainage massage therapist will need to evaluate and try to determine what the cause of the lymphatic blockage. If there are scars or a history of surgery, the lymphatic system may have been damaged, while in other cases, there may be a genetic anomaly in the lymphatic system causing digestive issues such as constipation, and in other cases, it may be just a lethargic lymphatic flow.

The techniques used by the lymphatic drainage massage therapist will be adapted according to what the causes of the digestive problems may be. In the case of damage to the lymphatic system, the massage therapist will try to create new lymphatic pathways, while in the case of the lethargic lymphatic system, the lymphatic drainage massage therapist will work more towards stimulating the lymphatic flow.

The rhythmic movement of the lymphatic drainage massage will also help stimulate the digestive muscles and increase peristaltic.

How does the treatment plan work?

It is very important to speak to a physician and nutritionist first if you are experiencing many digestive problems. Once anything serious has been ruled out, and the diet has been adjusted to intake enough water and nutrients, the lymphatic drainage massage protocol can begin. Some people will notice a change as of the first lymphatic drainage massage and others after a few treatments. It is important to note that if the digestive problems are severe enough, then the treatment protocol will require 5-15 lymphatic drainage massage sessions in order to get the digestive system working efficiently.

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