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How can Acupressure Help Your Anxiety?

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What is Anxiety?

Anxiety can present in many different ways. It can be mild, or it can be extreme, but in all cases, it can be quite crippling. It is a condition whereby the person is constantly concerned, apprehensive, uneasy, agitated, nervous and tense, sometimes causing panic attacks. It is often caused by the constant worry about the future or the past.

How do you Treat Anxiety?

Anxiety affects different people in different ways and has different triggers for everyone. In general, it is suggested that someone who suffers from anxiety seek the help of a psychologist or a psycho therapist to learn the mental tools needed to control their anxiety. Some of the recommended tools given by a psychologist or psycho therapist could include medication, exercise, journaling, therapy animals and manual therapy.

How does Acupressure Help?

Acupressure, much like massage therapy is a manual technique whereby the therapist spends a full hour with the client. It is an ancient Chinese healing method that uses the various pressure points and energy points of the body. Acupressure involves the massage therapist using their hands to stimulate various pressure points to help relax the body by reducing muscle tension. Simultaneously, the therapist will also stimulate points that will help to center and calm the mind allowing the person to calm themselves. Constantly worrying about the future or the past, shows an inability for the person to live in the present. Getting regular acupressure treatments mixed with deep breathing will help the person center themselves in the present time. A program of acupressure treatments mixed with psychotherapy treatments can help one manage their anxiety symptoms.

At Clinique Santé & Physique, we offer acupressure treatments to help people who suffer from anxiety disorders for people of all ages (children, teens, adults and seniors). We do suggest that either before booking acupressure treatments or simultaneous to the treatments, the person seeks the help of a psychologist or psycho therapist at a clinic such as RISE Anxiety and Depression Clinic. (Riseclinic.ca)

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