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How Does Massage Help Keep Children Healthy?

Massages for Children keeps them healthy

Massage Therapy for Children

As a parent, all you want to do is to keep your child healthy and happy. Sometimes, however, life gets in the way; dinner needs to be made, the laundry needs to be done and the house needs to be cleaned. When parents are very busy, they have a tendency to put their kids in a high chair, jolly jumper, exert saucer or give them a tablet to play with. While it is understandable that parents are busy, these habits, unfortunately, promote sedentary habits and can affect the body’s balance and movements. A child needs movement, exercise, and attention in order to grow and be healthy.

Adjustable gaits/fences are a great option to set up in the house with toys allowing the child the ability to move around, crawl and problem-solve. Crawling is very important for the development of fine motor skills, balance and proper curvature of the spine. The child will learn how to coordinate movements of the body and will also allow the child to problem solve by giving them the autonomy to choose and reach the various toys within the enclosed area.

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Why Children Massage is Important

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Massage is another fantastic way to help promote a healthy body function and to build a strong bond between parent and child. Children are born with full musculature and need to slowly learn proper movement and fine motor skills. Just like adults, children perform repetitive movements and are often in the same position for extended periods of time, putting them at risk of an injury. The body very efficiently learns how to compensate in order to perform day-to-day activities. Adults very often hire a trainer at a gym to learn proper exercise techniques in order to avoid injury, but nobody teaches children proper gait or walking techniques, putting them at risk of injuries and imbalances when they’re older.

Baby or children massage is taught to the parents to be performed at home on a regular basis. The massage helps to stimulate blood flow, increase the mobility of the muscles, make the muscles suppler and to promote a healthy range of motion of the body. Another very important benefit of baby massage is the quality time that is spent between the parent and child, allowing them to build a more solid relationship.

We mistakenly assume that because children are young, they don’t suffer from injuries, or they will just get over it. A sedentary lifestyle very quickly becomes a habit that is difficult to break, and injuries quickly cause compensations. Very often in my practice, I see people who have been feeling pain and/or discomfort from a young age; the pain having started as mild, but becoming more severe with time. Promoting a healthy lifestyle that includes both healthy body movements and massage from a young age will help a child grow up healthy and happy.

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