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Lymphatic Facial Massage
September 15, 2017
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January 30, 2018

Private vs Public Lymphatic Drainage Treatments

Lymphatic Drainage Treatments

Private vs Public Lymphatic Drainage Treatments

In Quebec, we are very lucky that lymphedema is accepted as an illness. That means that people who suffer from cancer-caused lymphedema are eligible to get lymphatic drainage treatments through a hospital or a certified clinic that offers the services. The RAMQ also pays for a new compressive garment every six months, allowing the person to properly control and manage their lymphedema once the treatments are completed. A lymphatic drainage treatment program for lymphedema requires 15 to 20 appointments that need to be done in a 3-5 week period in order to ensure the efficacy and maximum reduction of the fluid levels.

Many people don’t have the budget for a lymphatic drainage massage program so a free program through the hospital is welcome. However, the downside of the free treatments from the hospital is the waiting time. In some hospitals, it can be a waiting period as short of 6 months and as long as 18 months. These wait times, in many cases, will create an environment that favors a large fluid in the area of the body that is affected. Some people experience a rapid increase in fluid levels and for others, lymphedema takes years to develop. Someone who has a quick onset of lymphedema, unfortunately, can’t afford to wait 6-18 months in order to receive treatments. Excessive wait times will mean:

  • Immense increase size of limb
  • Inability to fit into clothes
  • Rapid changes to the skin consistency
  • Risk of cellulitis
  • Risk of fibrosis
  • Risk of developing cancer

Once the skin has stretched a lot, even when the fluid levels will have decreased, the excess skin will remain, making it difficult to find clothes, and an area of decreased resistance to fluid pressure.

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