September 4, 2017
Preventing Injuries in Sports

Preventing Injuries: Optimize Your Physical Performance

At one point or other in our lives, we have seen a sign on a building that prohibits entry due to an unstable foundation or construction. […]
July 23, 2017
Benefits from Pediatrics Massage for Babies and Children

Children Massage Benefits Everyone

Benefits from Pediatrics Massage for Babies and Children The baby and child massage practiced in North America is a technique that has meshed many ancient techniques […]
July 23, 2017
Good Posture vs Bad Posture

Why Good Posture Is So Important

Why is good posture important? Knowing how different activities and postures can affect the back and the forces placed on it, there are certain things that […]
July 23, 2017
Body Pain and Muscle Aches

Body Pain & Muscle Aches and Why We Need It

The Importance of Body Pain The most basic definition of body pain is physical suffering or discomfort caused by illness or injury. (Google definition) Pain is […]
March 15, 2017
Winter Injuries and Effects on the body

The Effects of Winter on the Body

Safety in Winter & Avoiding Injuries In winter, the sidewalks and streets are slippery due to snow, ice rain, and snow melting and freezing into sheets […]
March 3, 2017
Children Sports Massage therapy for Kids Sports Injury

Children Sports Massage and it’s benefits

What are the Benefits of Children Sports Massage Common rehabilitation misconceptions There are two phrases I hear all too often in my sports massage practice. The […]
March 3, 2017
Miriam Gaudelli, Montreal's #1 Sports Massage Therapist

The Differences Between Massages

West Island Sports Massage Therapist Sante Physique’s Certified Sports Massage Therapist explains the different kinds of massages and what they are used for. What is Sports […]
March 3, 2017
Montreal Sports Massage Therapy, Montreal Sports Massage, Montreal Sports Massage Therapist

What is Sports Massage Therapy

Montreal Sports Massage Therapy Specialist Many people feel intimidated at the thought of sports massage therapy thinking that it is incredibly painful, or only for athletes. […]