Physical Assessment & Injury Risk Management

At Clinique Santé & Physique, we believe that a proper rehabilitation program needs a thorough assessment in order to establish all the needs and requirements of the person. The assessment will be adapted according to the severity of the injury and the treatment desired.

At the first appointment, the person will fill out a health intake form in order for the therapist to gain an understanding of the medical condition, past injury profile and current injury mechanisms of the person. After the intake form, the therapist will perform a physical evaluation either through palpation of the affected areas or by running through a series of exercises and movements to determine the affected structures and the severity of the injury.

The assessment/evaluation will allow the therapist; along with the person; to determine rehabilitation goals and a rehabilitation plan. The first appointment is generally dedicated to the assessment and evaluation of the injury/condition with the following appointments geared more towards rehabilitation.

At the beginning and during every appointment, the therapist will ask or evaluate the progress of the rehabilitation program to determine the efficacy. It is strongly recommended that if any changes occur in pain levels, movement capabilities or medical diagnoses, they are communicated at the beginning of all appointments.

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