Massage Therapy

Physical injuries or ailments can range from a sore muscle due to poor posture all the way to broken bones. Depending on the type of injury and rehabilitative needs determined after an evaluation, a treatment plan would be created using physiotherapy massage therapy, athletic therapy or a combination of one or more of the therapies.

The physicians you have consulted will be able to prescribe any medications, diagnostic tests or medical interventions needed. The physical rehabilitation team will use different forms of manual therapy and exercises to strengthen the body and promote a healthy range of motion for proper healing.

Sante & Physique Specializes in these Massage Therapies


60 MIN. - $80.00

Sports massage is derived from Kinetic Swedish Massage. While it was created to specifically treat athletes before, during and right after their sporting events, the massage technique has been expanded and adapted to treat muscular pains and injuries for the general population too. Some of the benefits of sports massage include:

  • rehabilitation of muscular injuries
  • relaxing of muscle tension due to bad posture and repetitive movements
  • treatment plans devised according to movement patterns
  • muscle preparation before a sporting event
  • muscle activation between sporting events
  • muscle relaxation right after a sporting event


60 MIN. - $80.00

Kinetic Swedish Massage is a therapeutic massage that treats the body in an anatomical, structural and functional method. The massage will help to:

  • improve posture
  • decrease muscle tensions
  • treat trigger and tender points
  • treat muscular imbalances
  • decrease feelings of stress


60 MIN. - $80.00

Being pregnant is one of the most beautiful times in a woman’s life, but it does put stress on the body. Pregnancy massage is a massage technique derived from Kinetic Swedish Massage and adapted to the special needs a pregnant woman has. Some of the benefits of a pregnancy massage include:

  • muscle relaxation
  • muscle balance
  • decrease in stress levels
  • increase in feelings of relaxation

Many women also suffer from swelling of the legs during pregnancy, a condition that is treated with Lymphatic Drainage Massage.


30 MIN. - $60.00

Baby massage has been used for several centuries in Eastern cultures and has only recently come to the western world. Some of the benefits of baby massage include:

  • decreasing of stress for both parents and baby
  • increase in bonding between parents and baby
  • decrease of muscular imbalances
  • improvement of movement patterns

Lymphatic Drainage Massage is effective in preventing ear infections and nose congestion for both babies and adults, and also treating digestive problems and colic.


PER MIN. - $2.00

The workplace has become more and more fast paced for the majority of people, causing the stress levels of workers to increase. Many research studies have shown that receiving fifteen-minute chair massages at the office will help workers:

  • concentrate better
  • increase productivity
  • increase feelings of job satisfaction
  • decrease feelings of stress


75 MIN. - $99.00

In a society where the demands placed upon us increase on a daily basis, stress levels have increased exponentially. Many research studies have shown that stress is the cause for many ailments, diseases and muscular aches, pains, discomforts, and injuries. This signature massage mixes lymphatic drainage, fascia therapy, sports massage and specialized herbal oil. Some benefits of the Signature Anti-Stress Massage are:

  • increased lymphatic flow
  • headache release
  • feelings of relaxation
  • muscle relaxation

Massage Therapy

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